IRIS-AutoPot™ Projects - Cameron Highlands

A very special project on this 1,000 acre site near Kampong Raja, Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. This project includes AutoPot™ farming, conventional farming, housing and commercial centres.

Project Summary
Size: 1,000 acres
Development plan - AutoPot™ farming in conjuction with cold water fish (trout) using 15% of land area mainly under cover. No heating or cooling needed. Going organics progressively. Upmarket housing and commercial buildings all of which will have flat roofs with plants in AutoPot™ systems. Building construction using special KOTO system. Includes homestay and holiday units.
Location: Cameron Highlands in the state of Kelantan. Middle of Malaysia.
Altitude: 4,000 ft above sea level.
Weather: Excellent growing weather. Cool nights 15deg & warm days 25deg.C 70%humidity.
No strong winds. Just mild breezes. Year round the same.
Terrain: Steep slopes with very good qaulity soil.
Water supply: Excellent quality water supply from streams flowing through the property.

Photo: Lettuce varieties

AutoPot™ grown tomatoes are now proudly on sale on supermarket shelves in Malaysia

The farm has expanded to growing other produce including Zucchini flowers for the supermarkets.

Planning and Development
Township Unique Planning
Homestay Facility/Lodges

Photo: Gravity feed to all its green houses.

Photo: Butterhead lettuce in AutoPot™ Double Pot Square Trays

Photo: Herbs in AutoPot™ CapPlus Tables

Photo: Butter lettuce in AutoPot™ Double Pot Square Trays

Photo: Spring onions in AutoPot™ CapPlus Tables

Photo: Butterhead lettuce in AutoPot™ Double Pot Square Trays