Photo: GardenSmart AutoPot™ Systems Display - Winter

GardenSmart - AutoPot™ System's Retail Store Gallery
Each Spring, the GardenSmart storefront is covered with a display of cascading Petunias, all growing in AutoPot™ Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes.
Below is a small selection of the variety of plants and trees we've grown at GardenSmart...

Beautiful cascading Petunias line the front of the GardenSmart store each Spring and Summer.

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Donkey's Tails in AutoPot™ 10" Hanging Baskets
Babaco grown in the ground with a Smart-Dripper.
Bougainvillea in AutoPot™ 10" Hanging Baskets
Cucumbers in AutoPot™ Hydrotray Double 10" modules
Zygocactus in AutoPot™ Hanging Basket
Fuschia in AutoPot™ Hanging Basket
Large variety of Begonias in AutoPot™ 10" and 12" modules
Begonia in AutoPot™ Hanging Basket
Columnea in AutoPot™  Hanging Basket
Nodding Violet in AutoPot™ Hanging Basket
Spaghetti melon grown in AutoPot™ Hydrotray Double 10" modules
Orchid cactus in AutoPot™ Hanging Basket
Maple tree grown from seed in AutoPot™ Twin Wall Smart Pot
Roses and Geraniums both do beautifully in AutoPot™ Hydrotray Single 12" module and Hanging Baskets
We planted lots of Fuchsias this year and they are coming along beautifully in the Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes!
Pelargonium in AutoPot™ Hydrotray Single 12" module
Begonias in AutoPot™ Hanging Baskets
Begonias in AutoPot™ Hanging Baskets
Sage in the AutoPot™ Mini Smart Pot
Sunny Ridge strawberries growing well in AutoPot™ Hanging Baskets
Tomatoes in our new Winter GardeNZ greenhouse in front of the shop
Begonia in Hydrotray Single 12" module
Baby's tears doing well in AutoPot's Hanging Baskets.
Cane Begonia in Hydrotray Single 12" module
Aristolochia flowering. An interesting flower about 30cms long. Grown in a planter with a Smart-Dripper.
It's great making little discoveries like these! Passionfruit grown in a pot using the AutoPot™ Smart-Dripper
Mini cantaloupe grown from Hydrotray Double 10" module
Primula in AutoPot™ Window Boxes
Orchids in full bloom and growing well in the same Hanging Baskets year on year
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Chrysanthemum is thriving in AutoPot™ Hanging Basket!
A room with a view!
Nodding violets are looking beautiful under solarweave in AutoPot™ Hanging Baskets
Nodding Violet completely covering the AutoPot™ Window Box it's growing from.
An 8 x 12 ft Winter GardeNZ greenhouse. We've decided to fit it out with four CapPlus tables for propagating nodding violets, with AutoPot™ Window Bxes fitting nicely along the walls of the greenhouse.
Tomatoes are grown all year round at GardenSmart. Above: Tomatoes planted in September are just in time for Christmas lunch!!
Orchids grown From a Hydrotray Single 12" module...we got 30 spikes this year.
Lebanese cucumbers growing from Hydrotray Double 10" modules connected to an AutoPot™ Smart Pump Set. This setup frees up the floor space and maximises the available sunlight over the course of the day. More cucumbers than we can eat!
Strawberries in Hanging Baskets suspended from trellis. Tomatoes in
Hydrotray Double 10" modules. Cardamom in Hydrotray Single 12" modules on the ground and Window Boxes mounted to back panel framework.

Photo: GardenSmart display in Summer