Oil Palm Fertigation - Malaysia
Most people will agree that if we can apply the annual allocation of fertilisers at daily dosages to individual palms, we can expect a substantial improvement in yields. The method adopted has to be cost effective and also be less dependent on labour. As far as we know, there is virtually no satisfactory system operating in Malaysia.
At AutoPot™ Systems, we believed the Smart-Dripper System we developed was able to do just that - solwly deliver nutrient to the palms via a very slow drip. Two 25 acre pilot projects had been commissioned with two large oil palm plantations.
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A 6 year old palm being fertigated with an AutoPot™ Smart-dripper.
The AutoPot™ Smart-Dripper - Note the condition of the of the yellowish iron deposits due to the acid sulphate water condition in the area. Yet the valve, with minimal filtration, is still working very well without blockages.
The Smart-Dripper is designed to be able to work whilst submerged in water. The locking mechanism and the air tight chamber helps to overcome the problem of flooding.
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Smart-Dripper was removed for viewing the roots response to the treatment. Feeder roots was beginning to build up in the area.
After 3 months of treatment, the improvement to palm growth is visible. Obvious evidence is the surge of strong new growth.
The position of the Smart-Dripper is located at the perimeter of the weeded circle - approximately 5 ft from the palm.
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