Photo: Rice growing in AutoPot™ 10" Double

IRIS-AutoPot™ - Padang Rumbia Farm - Pahang, Malaysia
A fully integrated model farm
Padang Rumbia is a unique project which is undertaken by IRIS Corporation Bhd in response to the aspiration of the Malaysian Government to uplft the standard of living of the poorer communities in Malaysia - the kampong (villagers). The visit by the PM to the farm coincided with the official handing over of the houses to 50 families of the kampong and the farm is aimed at generating the much needed economic activities for the area.
Project Summary
Located about 1 hour drive from Kuantan, the capital town of Pahang state of Malaysia.
Land area - 20 acres development progressively over the next 2 years.
Fish tanks - 24 x 2,500L tanks with additional 28 x 3,500L tanks being installed.
Miracle fruit trees - 5,000 plants with plans to increase to 10,000.
Passionfruit planting in progress - 5,000 plants (controlled pruning).
Free range poultry amongst passionfruit plantation.
Economic activities for the 50 families with new homes.
Rice in AutoPot™ Systems extended to 10,000 m2.
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Fish section with passionfruit vines
Visit from the Prime Minister
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Setup for 28 x 3,500L Fish Tanks
Paddy in AutoPot™
Setting up 10,000 m2 of specially made paddy trays.
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Serama Chicken
Shredder Mulching
Passion Fruit Planting 10,000pts
Poultry manure production
AutoPot™ in Net house - Rice
Outdoor AutoPot™ - Rice